To Not be Enough

Losing love Is like a window in your heart Everybody sees you're blown apart Everybody sees the wind blow…                      Paul Simon - Graceland You see, when you lose out on love, it is impossible not to question yourself. If you have lost out on love… Continue reading To Not be Enough

Born Nigerian

Kaima had never been to Nigeria before, and she really wasn't looking forward to visiting. She wasn't sure what to expect, but she was sure there wasn’t much to expect. A journey to the  heart of Africa, with all it's popular contexts, was nothing to look forward to. Being born out of Nigeria, growing up in… Continue reading Born Nigerian


They say people go, they say people go, this particular diamond, was extra special –   We were three giddy boys in a room as the chinko speaker boomed away heartily. “What kind of gay song are you playing like this?” Ayo mocked, tongue-in-cheek. He started laughing halfway through his sentence, loud chuckles that almost… Continue reading Quiet


If you hate music, whoever you are, this isn’t for you. If you hate secular music, this probably isn’t for you. If you hate rock music, this certainly isn't for you. Or maybe it is. Maybe it is just the rhapsody you needed. I don’t do this often – and by ‘this’, I mean write… Continue reading WHY ROCK?